The Clinker Cup

Clinker Cup Rules

  1. Clinker membership is by invitation only
  1. It is the responsibility of each member to pay fees on time, as described below. Email reminders will be sent by the Treasurer.
  2. Membership Fees
    1. Annual fees of $100, are payable to the Treasurer two weeks prior to commencement of season - this represents the $10 entry across 10 rounds
  3. Round Fees
    1. Round fees should be paid by Internet bank transfer by the Thursday before each round
    2. Each round has a flat fee of $70
    3. Late payment of round fees will be penalised by the offending Clinker commencing the late paid round with “the Homma”
    4. Should multiple members of the group “late pay” green fees, they will all commence the day with multiple “group Hommas”
  4. Fines (Homma)
    1. Refer to the Royal and Ancient Rules of Homma
    2. Player should have sufficient funds in cash to cover any Homma fines
  1. The Clinker Cup Schedule consists of 10 rounds of golf
    1. Some Clinker cells may player fewer than 10 rounds - usually due to sub-optimal management, so hostile takeovers are strongly encouraged
  2. Players must play a minimum of seven of the 10 rounds according to the Schedule - unavailability for more than three rounds will render a player ineligible for the title
  3. The Schedule is available on the Schedule page on this website
  4. If a player misses a scheduled round, they can do a Make Up at the same course or at a different course of similar difficulty as agreed with the President
  5. It is the responsibility of the players who need the Make Up to organise it and report scores to the President
  6. Make Ups must be played with at least one other active Clinker member
  7. No matter the size of the Make-Up group, the Homma MUST be played
  1. Groups will be designated in the week prior to each round and are intended so all players play together during the season
  2. Players must play in their designated groups
  3. Any player wanting to leave early should let the President know at least one week prior in order to be scheduled in an early group
  1. The Clinker Cup uses the Stableford scoring system
  2. Nine of the 10 rounds are to be counted to post a qualifying total score - if 10 rounds are completed the worst score is excluded from calculations
  3. The player with the highest total Stableford points across their nine counting rounds wins the Clinker Cup
  4. Sleep in or non appearance results in a 0 score for that round
  5. In the event of a tie at season's end the winner will be decided in the following manner:
    1. Final round attendance - non-attending tied player ineligible
    2. Sudden-death playoff - Players will proceed to the 1st available hole as directed by the President (likely the 1st) and continue play until a winner is decided.
  1. Handicaps adjusted according to Clinker CONGU system - being Stableford points scored above or below 36 in each round
    1. Below 36: handicap increased 0.1 per point. Maximum increase 0.5
    2. Above 36 (pre round hcp 29): handicap decreased 0.5 per point
    3. Above 36 (pre-round hcp 21-28): handicap decreased 0.4 per point
    4. Above 36 (pre-round hcp 13-20): handicap decreased 0.3 per point
    5. Above 36 (pre-round hcp 12 or lower): handicap decreased 0.2 per point
  1. All clinker handicaps will be carried over from the previous season, or, from when the Clinker member last played with the Clinker Cup.
  2. Where a Clinker has missed at least one full season, or more, their last handicap with the Clinker shall be adjusted as per the average movement across all Clinkers for that missed season(s).
  3. In the case of new Clinkers, the individual will be asked to provide an accurate starting handicap, i.e. not to submit a handicap which renders them a burglar. Where possible, a member of the Clinker Board will have vetted the handicap prior to tee off in Round 1. Where this is not possible, the individual's assessment, or, combination of that assessment via confirmation with an existing Clinker's viewpoint, will be used to derive a starting handicap.
  4. The Board reserves the discretion to apply "The Greg Bews Rule." - Where the Board feels a new Clinker has sought to obtain advantage from providing a starting handicap that is unrealistic, the Board reserves the right to retrospectively re-handicap and score that player at the half-way point of the competition. Where this is the case, no correspondence will be entered into.
  5. All new Clinkers should understand that deliberate burgling is akin to cheating and will not only raise the ire of fellow Clinkers, but, like Bews, lead to a middle-eastern exile.
  6. Catch up round starting handicaps: The starting handicap of a Clinker for a catch up round will be assessed in line with the difference in ACR between the scheduled course and that of the catch up. The President will advise starting handicaps prior to catch up rounds commencing.
  7. There will be no correspondence entered into in regards to handicapping other than to reiterate that the correspondent is a Homma (refer section 6.ii. of The Royal & Ancient Rules of Homma).
  1. Play it as it lies (the D King rule) - The ball shall be played as it lies unless a local rule applies. The President shall inform all players if preferred lies apply (unlikely) prior to tee off. Where casual water exists, standard golf rules will apply. Cleaning of the ball will not be permitted until the ball is on the green.
  2. Irish Drop - In the event of a lost ball, instead of the usual "stroke and distance" penalty where the ball would be played from the position of the last stroke, players should drop at the nearest point of entry to where the ball was lost, where the player has a clear shot, no closer the green; i.e. one which is not impeded by trees, exceptional long grass, sand, fences, uneven ground or other. A one stroke penalty applies.
  3. Conditions of play - All players must play under the same conditions, including, but not limited to, playing from the same tees, walking when other players are walking etc. The Committee will determine if any player is in breach of these rules and apply penalties befitting the infraction. Any such decision is final. Please refer to item ii. of the Homma Correspondence section within the Royal and Ancient Rules of Homma for the Clinker Cup's correspondence policy.
  1. Slow play is NOT acceptable. Groups MUST keep up with the group in front. Since groups start 8 minutes apart, groups should finish no later than 15 minutes after the group in front
  2. Speeding up play on greens - If you are not standing in someone's line on the green, you MUST putt out. Give your opponent a gimme if they are unlikely to miss a putt.
  3. All players should familiarise themselves with the Pace of Play page on this website
  1. The winner of each round is presented with the Pink Jacket. The Pink Jacket must be returned for presentation the next round. Any failure to return the Pink Jacket as required shall incur a $10 fine.
  2. The season winner is presented with the perpetual Clinker Trophy and a $200 golf voucher
  3. Daily prizes apply according to each Clinker cell:
    • Originals:
      1. Winner - $50 cash money (Note ineligible for front/back 9 prizes)
      2. Best front 9 - $25 cash money
      3. Best back 9 - $25 cash money
      4. Nearest To Pin 1 - 3 balls
      5. Nearest To Pin 2 - Bottle of red
      6. Nearest To Pin 3 - $20 cash money
      7. Nearest To Pin 4 - $20 cash money
    • Countback rule: In the event of a tie, the round will be decided on the following basis: best back 9 (holes 10-18), best back 6 (holes 13-18), best back 3 (holes 16-18), best 18th hole, then individual hole countback from 18.
    • Tinklers:
      1. Winner - $50
      2. Best front 9 - bottle of wine
      3. Best back 9 - bottle of wine
      4. NTP 1 - $25
      5. NTP 2 - 6 balls
      6. NTP 3 - 6 beers
      7. Longest drive - 6 beers
    • Mexicans:
      1. Winner - $30
      2. NTP 1 - bottle of wine
      3. NTP 2 - 1 ball
  1. The President will send a reminder email to all Clinkers on the Tuesday prior to each round requesting they review the website in regards to the schedule, groupings, leaderboards, handicaps, directions, and the Royal and Ancient Rules of Homma